Junior iOS Programmer

No pretentious/funky story about how cool the job will be, other than that you will be working with award winning developers who have been visible members of the Mac and iOS scene for many more years than the iPhone has existed, on projects that make a difference for our clients.

Sometimes you will be working in-situ with other team members and sometimes you can work from home.

This is a junior position, so we're not asking for five years iOS development experience, but you do need to be a creative go-getter with the the skills described below.

Starting salary will be based on your experience with a performance bonus evaluated each calendar year.

Essential skills & attributes:

  • Strong C and Objective-C basics
  • Good understanding of OO principles
  • Mid-level understanding of iOS UIKit
  • Good familiarity with Xcode and other Apple tools
  • Good Unix skills
  • Self-directed learner (researching documentation, StackOverflow, exploratory debugging etc.)
  • Genuine interest in the art of programming
  • Determination, even in the face of insurmountable bugs!

Highly regarded skills & experiences:

  • Git version control
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Database design and SQL query writing
  • Understanding of Mac AppKit
  • Test Driven Development
  • Have built and released an app to either app store

What you will be doing:

  • Adding functionality to existing iOS and Mac applications based on client requirements
  • Building new iOS and Mac applications
  • Building new Ruby on Rails web app backends for iOS apps
  • Other things associated with making a software business run (it's not all caffeine and coding I'm afraid :)
  • Helping out at Swipe Conference 2011 (Australia's first iOS/Mac developer conference!)

What you won't be doing:

  • Programming Java
  • Using Windows

How to apply:

Please send your resumé and also ideally links to repositories with some of your code. Also describe any programmers or books that you draw inspiration from and why.

Job name: Pumptheory junior iOS programmer
Location: Sydney, Australia (Australian and New Zealand residents only)
Application email: